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Whatever It Takes Day of Action

Thursday, September 10

Andy and Alison

We were stunned by the news of the shooting on live TV in Virginia that killed Allison Parker and Adam Ward, and injured Vicki Gardner. As we mourn alongside the families, friends, and colleagues of the victims, we stand by the pledge of Andy Parker - Alison Parker's father - to do "whatever it takes" to get common-sense gun legislation passed.

We're calling on all Americans to join us. We'll be at the U.S. Capitol on September 10 when Congress comes back from recess - and up until then we'll be taking action in our communities and online to show that we'll do #WhateverItTakes to end the crisis of gun violence that kills 88 Americans and injures hundreds more every single day.

1. Sign Up to Get Involved at a Day of Action in Your Area

Pledge to be a part of a national day of action on Sept. 10th to demand Congress fix our broken gun laws. We're planning events in communities across the country, and there will be ways to get involved both online and off (like calling members of Congress).

Sign up for text message alerts to get more info as it becomes available. Click here to register for an event now, and pledge to make a call to Congress on September 10th.

2. Tell Us How You Feel About Gun Violence in America

Whatever it Takes


Millions of Americans all feel the same way about gun violence in America these days: Afraid. Betrayed. Angry. It's why people like you from across the country are demanding to be heard, and we're going to make sure you are.

Download this PDF, and use the photo uploader tool below to make your voice heard.

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3. RSVP to Join Us at the Capitol

On Thursday, September 10th, moms, survivors, and advocates will come together at the Capitol to greet Congress as they return from recess and demand that they do whatever it takes to fix our country's broken gun laws.

RSVP to join us today, and we'll send you reminder alerts ahead of the event.