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Welcome to NRA Madness

Do you think armed classmates make college kids safer? The NRA is pushing legislation in at least 16 states that would force guns onto college and university campuses. This is a bracket no one wants to win.

Make sure your friends and family know about the NRA's guns-on-campus agenda by sharing this bracket on social media.

If you live in or are affiliated with a college in one of these states, click on the state below to send a postcard to key decision makers and ask them to do everything in their power to stop the NRA Madness.

X = Guns-on-campus bill failed to pass

Campuses are already filled with intense academic pressure and drugs and alcohol are easy to come by in many places. Should we really be adding guns into the mix?

These guns-on-campus bills would strip school administrators of the authority to determine what’s best for their schools and force them to allow guns on campus. Students, college presidents, and police chiefs all overwhelmingly oppose guns on campus.

Lawmakers across the country should be doing everything in their power to keep our campuses safe.

Stop the NRA's Guns-on-Campus Agenda

Join with Everytown to help put an end to dangerous gun lobby legislation across the country.

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