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Three Ways You Can Tell Congress to #DisarmHate


The mass shooting that left 49 people dead and over 50 injured at a gay nightclub in Orlando was an attack on the LGBT community – an act of hate carried out with a gun. There’s no reason why those filled with hate should have a gun.

The Senate could vote as early as Monday, June 20 on measures to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. These are three actions you can take in the meantime to contact your Senators to tell them to #DisarmHate.

1. Email Congress and Tell Them to Take Action NOW

Now is the time to demand Congress take action to prevent gun violence in America. Click here to use our email tool to contact Congress directly and urge them to disarm hatred and keep guns out of dangerous hands.

2. Call Your Senator

Use this tool to call your US Senator directly, and tell them to take action to close loopholes that let dangerous people – like the Orlando shooter – get their hands on guns.

3. Tweet at Your Senator

Use our Fast Tweet tool to Tweet at your members of Congress, and tell them to take action to prevent gun violence.