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Campus shootings survivors and family members
of shooting victims have a message for Texas legislators:

The Texas legislature is considering gun-lobby backed legislation -- SB 11 and HB 937 -- that would force public universities to allow students, faculty, staff, and visitors to carry concealed handguns on campus, including in classrooms, dorms, on-campus fraternities, and at sporting events.

In response, we've taken out a full-page ad in the Austin American Statesman featuring a letter of opposition from fifty campus shooting survivors and family members of campus shootings victims. In addition, we are running digital ads and re-airing a TV ad opposing this dangerous legislation.

Everytown Newspaper Ad

The full page letter ad will appear in the Austin American Statesman on Thursday, May 21.

Texas Newspaper Ad

Click to download a larger version of the newspaper ad.

Click to download the full text of the letter.