American business leaders have a critical role to play in creating an America free from gun violence. As part of Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety, they are joining the fight to make our country safer.

Every day, 96 Americans are shot and killed by gun violence, while hundreds more are wounded. These tragedies have an indelible and devastating impact on families and communities nationwide, including the business community. Business leaders have seen the impact of gun violence on their employees, consumers, and neighbors.


Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety brings together a cross-section of respected business leaders who are committed to helping reduce gun violence. The members of this group will use their influence to help promote a culture of gun safety, adopt policies that protect their employees and customers, and support policies that make our communities safer.

Names, Titles



Michael R. Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg LP (co-chair)
Scott Rechler, Chairman & CEO of RXR Realty (co-chair)
Edward W. Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods
Chip Bergh, President & CEO of Levi Strauss & Co
Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb
Ric Clark, Senior Managing Partner and Chairman of Brookfield Property Group & Brookfield Property Partners




Jim Stone, Chairman & CEO of Plymouth Rock Group
Dr. Tony Coles, Chairman & CEO of Yumanity Therapeutics
David Simon, Simon Properties

Statement of Principles

We believe in the fundamental American freedom of responsible gun owners to legally own firearms. But as American business leaders, we also believe we have a responsibility to protect our customers, our employees, our families, and the communities we serve from gun violence, which claims 96 American lives and injures hundreds more every day.


Promoting common-sense gun safety solutions and responsible gun ownership saves lives. As leaders in our respective industries, we pledge to take action to reduce gun violence in the country that has afforded us so much opportunity.


Our Core Principles:

  • Gun violence in the United States, which kills 96 people and injures hundreds more every day, is a national crisis.
  • This is a uniquely American problem, and to fix it we must advance uniquely American solutions.
  • Companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution, sale, or financing of the firearms industry or related enterprises are particularly well positioned to support pragmatic safety measures that contribute to the responsible use of firearms and keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.
  • Through our market footprint, our employee networks, and the impact we have as employers and job creators, America’s business leaders are well positioned to help support and implement responsible practices to reduce gun violence and save lives.
  • Promoting common sense gun safety and responsible gun ownership not only saves lives, but it’s a sound business practice that makes our employees, customers, and communities safer.

Our Commitment:

  • Recognizing that we know our businesses best, we commit to create our own meaningful and measurable programs to promote gun safety and responsible gun ownership.
  • We commit to prioritize the safety of our customers, employees and communities.
  • We believe that every business and business leader has a role to play in taking common-sense steps that will help reduce gun violence.

If you’re interested in learning more about Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety, please email us at [email protected]