As a family member of a victim or a survivor of gun violence, your story of heartbreak, courage and resilience is yours alone to SHARE and amplify. Choosing to share your story is one way that you can HONOR the lives of those who have died or have been wounded. The lives we honor in the gun violence prevention movement INSPIRE Americans to fight and advocate for change. Follow the 3 easy steps below to share your story, honor a life and inspire change.

  1. Using the “Add a Photo” button, choose a source and upload an image of yourself or your loved one that helps tell your survivor story.
  2. In the caption box, please include:
    • Name of person taken or affected by gun violence (self or other);
    • Age of person taken or affected by gun violence at time of shooting;
    • City and State;
    • 1 to 2 sentences about why you share your story;
    • Use the hashtags #ShareHonorInspire and #Everytown.
  3. Submit your story