Download Shareable Graphics
for Students Demand Action

Use these graphics on your social media platforms to amplify the movement to end gun violence and get your followers involved in current campaigns! We’ve provided suggested captions that direct your audience to take action, but feel free to put your own spin on it, just make sure you always use the #StudentsDemandAction hashtag.

  • We've marched, we've walked out, and we've rallied. Now, we have to vote. Make sure you're ready to show up at the polls for candidates who support stronger gun laws: Text FUTURE to 644-33 and get registered to vote TODAY. #StudentsDemandAction
  • Together, we can work towards a future free from gun violence. Join me: Text STUDENTS to 655-33. #StudentsDemandAction
  • As we gear up to vote in the midterms, find out which candidates in your area will work to strengthen gun laws and protect our future. ✊Visit! #StudentsDemandAction