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Meet the Lil' Wayne LaPierres

NRA leadership can be hard to listen to, so we got these Little Waynes to help us out.

Posted by Everytown for Gun Safety on Monday, April 6, 2015

The NRA is holding its annual convention this weekend. We thought it’d be a good opportunity to take a look back at some of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s most outrageous statements. A platform full of fear and paranoia can be hard to listen to, so we got these Lil' Waynes to help highlight some of his most memorable lines.

Stop Crazytown


The NRA’s rhetoric of fear is used to sell an agenda of guns for anyone, anywhere, no questions asked. It’s a dangerous and backwards vision for our country. In a word, it’s Crazytown.

And all it takes is one look at the hundreds of dangerous bills the gun lobby has introduced in state legislatures across the country to see how their vision could become a reality — unless you act.

Help stop the NRA’s extremist agenda — including “guns everywhere” laws that encourage people to carry guns in schools and bars, and permitless carry laws that say you don’t need a criminal background check or even safety training to carry a loaded weapon in public. Stop Crazytown. Join Everytown.

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The NRA's Dangerous Agenda

The gun lobby has advocated dangerous policies across the country that would make America’s communities less safe. They’re pushing for state laws that would force colleges and universities to allow guns on campus and let people carry loaded guns in K-12 schools. They’re even trying to repeal public safety laws that are already on the books — making it easier for criminals and untrained people to buy and carry guns anywhere in public, no questions asked.

The NRA wants to allow people to carry loaded handguns in K-12 schools all over the country. But the fact is no one should be armed in our schools except for trained security and law enforcement officers.

The gun lobby has pushed bills in at least 18 states that would force colleges and universities to allow guns in dorms, classrooms, and even at football games — even though the vast majority of students, administrators, and campus police chiefs oppose this dangerous plan.

If you’re going to carry a loaded, concealed gun in public, you should get a permit that shows you have a clean criminal record and have completed basic safety training. That’s just common sense, right? So, why is the NRA trying to dismantle these core public safety standards?

The single most effective way to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people is to require background checks for all gun sales. But the NRA is fighting to repeal background check requirements that exist in several states and working to block new bills that would require background checks for all gun sales.

The NRA has tried to pass laws that would allow them to sue local officials and law enforcement over public safety laws that are already on the books — and force taxpayers to cover the cost.

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