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Everytown, Oregon Moms Applaud Background Check Bill Passed Out of House Rules Committee Today


SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today applauded the House Rules Committee for passing Senate Bill 941, legislation to require background checks on all gun sales, out of committee with a 5-4 vote.

The vote follows yesterday’s lengthy hearing on SB 941, where law enforcement officials, veterans, survivors of gun violence, faith leaders, gun owners, Oregon moms, and others spoke in favor of the bill. SB 941 would expand existing policy requiring background checks to cover all gun sales—including online sales—closing a loophole that makes it easy for convicted felons and other dangerous people to get guns.

“Leaders in the House Rules Committee listened to the overwhelming majority of Oregonians who support background checks and moved this critical bill forward – for that we are grateful,” said Anneliese Davis, volunteer chapter leader of Oregon Moms Demand Action, who attended yesterday’s hearing. “We look forward to the vote on the House floor and hope our legislators will expand background checks to reduce crime and help save lives. The safety of Oregon families and communities depends upon it.”

Independent polling has shown that 81 percent of Oregonians support background checks on all gun sales. Background checks are proven to help prevent crime and save lives. In states with background checks on all handgun sales, 46 percent fewer women are killed by abusive partners, there are 48 percent fewer gun suicides and 48 percent fewer law enforcement officers are killed with guns in the line of duty.

The Oregon House floor vote on SB 941 has not yet been scheduled.