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Everytown, Florida Moms Demand Action Oppose Six Dangerous New Gun Bills Including Measures That Would Allow People to Openly Carry Handguns in Public and Would Force Colleges to Allow Guns On Campus


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, the Florida chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, announced its strong opposition to a package of dangerous new gun bills filed by state Senator Greg Steube. The six bills would allow individuals to openly carry handguns in public, force colleges to allow guns on campus and force public officials to allow guns at public meetings. In addition, Steube introduced bills that would allow guns at airports and which would punish private businesses and other entities that choose to prohibit guns from their property.

More information on the bills below:

  • SB 644 would allow people to openly carry handguns in public;
  • SB 646 would effectively allow people to openly carry their handguns in public while also essentially allowing people to carry handguns in sensitive areas, like schools colleges and airports across the state;
  • SB 622 would force public colleges in Florida to allow guns on campus;
  • SB 626 would force public officials to allow guns at certain public meetings of counties, school districts, special districts and municipalities;
  • SB 618 would allow guns to be carried at airports; and
  • SB 610 would punish private businesses and other entities that prohibit concealed handguns on their private property by exposing them to costly lawsuits.


    “Once again, Floridians are facing a multitude of dangerous gun proposals that would leave our communities and colleges more vulnerable to the threat of gun violence. Make no mistake, this is yet another attempt by the gun lobby to normalize its agenda of guns everywhere, for everyone, no questions asked. However, Floridians will not sit idly by and allow public safety to become an afterthought in our state. We know that we deserve to live in communities and neighborhoods where everyday conflicts don’t easily escalate into deadly shootings, and that there are some places where the presence of guns is simply too dangerous. We will continue to stand strong and oppose these bills. The safety of our families depends on it.”