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CityLab Covers CityGRIP, A New Platform for Tackling Gun Violence


I wanted to flag this CityLab article highlighting mayors’ efforts to tailor violence prevention strategies to the needs of their cities — and a new tool designed to help. As the story reports, this week, Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund launched CityGRIP, an interactive online gun violence prevention tool, at the CityLab DC conference. City leaders attending the conference were able to learn about the portal, which is designed to help mayors, city officials, reporters and advocates explore gun violence prevention strategies customized to a city’s particular makeup and gun violence issues.

CityLab’s Kriston Capps writes:

“With Congress punting year after year on passing any significant gun legislation, it falls squarely on governors, mayors, and county executives to do something about guns. But the gun problem isn’t a monolith. Local leaders are facing not one crisis but many, and what that crisis looks like can vary considerably by place.

To that end, Everytown for Gun Safety, the national nonprofit organization, is rolling out a new tool this week to help cities figure out how they can deal with gun violence as it manifests where they are. The City Gun Violence Reduction Insight Portal, or CityGRIP, is a research clearinghouse that yields different options for a range of communities. Users can select characteristics from a series of dropdown menus such as population, demographics, and types of gun violence. Ticking off different boxes yields a custom set of best practices, case studies, and recommendations.”

CityGRIP is a product of two years of interviews with city officials about how they use data to address gun violence, along with extensive research on community-based gun violence prevention strategies. To learn more about the platform or connect with a city gun violence expert at Everytown for Gun Safety, don’t hesitate to reach out.