Dear Everytown Friends

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California Moms Demand Action, Everytown Respond to Mass Shooting in Bakersfield That Left Five People Dead

Reports Indicate the Alleged Gunman Shot and Killed Five People, Including His Wife, in Multiple Locations Before Shooting and Killing Himself

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – The California chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today responded to reports that a gunman in Bakersfield shot and killed five people last night, including his wife, in multiple locations before shooting and killing himself. Reflecting on the fact that five people and the alleged gunman died, Sheriff Donny Youngblood of Kern County said, “This is the new normal.”

Research by Everytown for Gun Safety shows that this is at least the189th mass shooting since January 2009. Everytown defines mass shootings as those in which four or more people are shot and killed, excluding the shooter. The majority of mass shootings – 54 percent – are related to domestic or family violence.


“As a survivor of gun violence, I am utterly heartbroken that gun violence has shattered another community in our state. This doesn’t have to be normal in our country. We can and must do more to prevent these senseless acts of gun violence from devastating families and communities across the country. It’s time for all of us to demand the policy changes that are necessary to save lives.”