Here’s how you can help get the word out about the Not One More postcard campaign.

1. Download and print the Not One More postcard, available at this link:

2. Ask someone to take a photo of you holding the Not One More postcard. A larger photo will be more visible.

3. Post the picture to your social media accounts:

Facebook: Please post the photo on Facebook with a personal messageand ask your friends and family to stand with you and Mr. Martinez by signing postcards.

Sample text:

#NotOneMore person should die because our elected officials failed to fix our broken gun laws.

Please join me and send a postcard to your Members of Congress and Governor:

Twitter: Post the photo on Twitter and use the hashtag #NotOneMore.

Sample text:

I stand with Richard Martinez and declare #NotOneMore [upload photo]

Let’s send these postcards to Washington. They can’t ignore us any longer: #NotOneMore

Instagram: Post your photo on Instagram and include the hashtag #NotOneMore.