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Mueller looks into Trump campaign ties to National Rifle Association as part of Russia probe

Everytown for Gun Safety, a pro-gun control organization and NRA foe, welcomed Mueller’s interest in the Trump connection. “Between the Mueller investigation and Maria Butina pleading guilty to conspiracy after using the NRA to advance the Kremlin’s agenda, we may finally start getting answers,” said John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown.

Political shifts, sales slump cast shadow over gun industry

Gun-control advocates are rejoicing in the gun industry’s misfortunes of late and chalking it up to not just shifting attitudes among Americans but a shift in elected political leaders. “Without a fake menace in the White House to gin up fears, gun sales have been in a Trump slump and, as a result, the NRA is on the rocks,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a group founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Joe Bartozzi, the new president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the industry isn’t disturbed by the drop in gun sales or the shift in federal politics.

House Dems make gun control action an early priority

Some newly elected Democrats in competitive districts even actively ran on gun control, like Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), who became an activist after losing her son to gun violence. McBath won a suburban Atlanta district President Trump narrowly carried in 2016. "This bill is further proof that gun safety is no longer the third rail of American politics,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

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