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NBC News: Texas church shooting, Hanukkah stabbing spur calls for increased security

“Hilary Rand Whitfield, volunteer chapter leader with the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said: ‘Over 3,000 people per year are killed with guns in Texas, and rather than reciting gun lobby talking points, our elected officials should do something about it. Across Texas, there is support for common-sense policies like background checks on all gun sales and a Red Flag law, and if our public officials won't take action, we should replace them with leaders who will,’ she said in a statement.”

Los Angeles Times: Mother copes with son's killing by hosting holiday party for others who've lost loved ones

“Since her son’s death, Williams has become involved in anti-gun violence efforts and has found solace in the community of others who are grieving. On Saturday afternoon, Williams joined activist organizations Moms Demand Action and the Movement of Mourning Mothers Assn. in throwing a holiday party at the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Station for children who have lost a parent or another loved one to violence. It’s her way of coping.”

WDBJ - Roanoke: As second amendment sanctuaries spread, gun control groups warn of consequences

“Tirschwell argues the resolutions are problematic for a number of reasons, most importantly, he says, because they put lives at risk."These resolutions could have, and threaten to have, a chilling effect on people who might otherwise use, or take advantage of gun safety laws to try to prevent harm, like a suicide, a homicide or even a mass shooting," he said.”

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