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American women are leading the way on gun sense

Women are also using their votes to create change, sending a clear message to the gun lobby. In Virginia this past cycle, Moms Demand Action’s local chapter turned out to support elect officials with sensible gun-safety positions by educating, canvassing, and turning out the vote on this issue. The NRA — which is headquartered in Virginia — was swept in its own backyard, losing the top three Virginia races. And in southwest Virginia, Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend Alison Parker was shot and killed while reporting on live TV, won his race for Virginia House of Delegates — a 24 point swing for that district. These Virginians won in spite of the $2 million spent against them by the NRA.

How Shannon Watts became the NRA’s number one enemy

The group, which is now known as Moms Demand Action, has become a rapidly growing political powerhouse with chapters in every U.S. state. Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, more than 170,000 have reached out wanting to volunteer. In April 2014, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns joined forces under the umbrella group, Everytown for Gun Safety, forming the largest gun violence prevention group in the country.

The mass-shooting survivor network

“One of our core beliefs is that, while experiences are different, no one is worse than the other,” Ms. Martin said. “A big part of survivors’ guilt is thinking you don’t have the right to feel bad or traumatized because you weren’t right there.” The Rebels Project eschews political activism, but other support groups, like Everytown Survivor Network, which is the trauma support wing of the Everytown for Gun Safety grass-roots advocacy group, mobilize members to push for legislative change.

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