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One year later, Vegas shooting survivor sees progress on guns

Robert Gaafar is one of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting a year ago, and he is now partnering with Everytown to help launch a new election initiative. Gaafar said the progress on gun control in state and local races is heartening, even if the federal government remains unable or unwilling to do anything.

On The Las Vegas shooting anniversary, why this teen is thinking about activism

On March 14, I joined my classmates for a school walkout protesting our lawmakers’ lack of action on gun safety issues. Soon afterwards, I took another step when my peers and I channeled our passion and anger into starting a Students Demand Action group at my high school. Students Demand Action is how young people are making our voices heard in the fight for stronger gun laws, demanding common sense solutions like requiring a background check on every gun sale and disarming domestic abusers. We work to register our fellow students to vote, educate our school on gun safety, and do everything we can to elect gun sense candidates. We are fighting for our generation to be represented at the polls, and aim to inspire adults to take action as well.

My sister was shot in Las Vegas: Vote as if your life depends on it

In the year since the shooting, I’ve become an active participant in the gun violence prevention movement as a member of the Everytown Survivor Network and a volunteer with my local chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. I’ve learned that like me, millions of other Americans have had their “enough” moment, and have gotten off the sidelines to demand change. And, it’s working.

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