Terry McAuliffe is Wrong…

Governor Terry McAuliffe’s gun deal is not only dangerous for Virginia, but the Governor is misleading the public on what it actually does.

On Crime and People with Carry Permits…

McAuliffe: “There is no evidence that anyone with a concealed carry [permit] has ever harmed anyone in Virginia”1

Fact: False. There are many examples, including Virginia concealed handgun permit holder Corey C. Bowden who shot and killed his wife Delasha C. Bowden with a 9mm pistol on September 11, 2014.2

On Closing the Gun Show Loophole…

McAuliffe: “I am shutting down the gun show loophole”3

Fact: False. The Governor’s bill does not close the gun show loophole. The Governor’s bill allows for voluntary background checks at gun shows. But voluntary background checks already exist. The ATF has made clear that any private seller who wants to run a background check, whether at a gun show or anywhere else, can simply ask a dealer to do the check.4

On State Shopping for Carry Permits…

McAuliffe: “This agreement contains a provision to prevent what we call state shopping. As you know, in Virginia if you are denied a concealed permit, we are not going to left you go out to another state to get a concealed handgun permit and then come back into Virginia.”5

Fact: False. Nothing in the Governor’s bill would prevent a domestic abuser convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, a convicted stalker, or another criminal who was already denied a permit by Virginia law enforcement from ordering a permit through the mail from another state.6

On Liability for Failing to do a Background Check at Gun Shows…

McAuliffe: “Sellers not availing themselves of the opportunity to submit a background check on a potential purchaser could face liability if a gun sold without a background check is used to commit a crime.”7

Fact: False. The governor’s bill creates no new liability penalties. Current law already makes it illegal for a seller to transfer a gun if they know or should know that the buyer is prohibited.8

On Domestic Abusers Surrendering Their Firearms…

McAuliffe: “This bill will prohibit a person subject to a permanent protective order from possessing a firearm for the duration of the order. This bill will make Virginia only the 16th state to require these individuals to surrender their firearms.”9

Fact: False. Unlike the way it works in the 15 states that McAuliffe referenced, the Governor’s bill contains no explicit requirement that abusers surrender their guns, no procedure for surrender, and no mechanism to confirm relinquishment.10

8. 18 U.S.C. § 922(d)