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Join the Not One More Postcard Campaign

Not One More - Photo Submissions

Here’s how you can help get the word out about the Not One More postcard campaign.

1. Download and print the Not One More postcard, available at this link:

2. Ask someone to take a photo of you holding the Not One More postcard. A larger photo will be more visible.

3. Email your photo to [email protected]

4. Post the picture to one of your social media accounts:

Facebook: Please post the photo on Facebook with a personal message discussing how gun violence has devastated your family and ask your friends and family to stand with you and Mr. Martinez by signing postcards.

Sample text (add a sentence to personalize the message):

#NotOneMore person should die because our elected officials failed to fix our broken gun laws.

Please join me and send a postcard to your Members of Congress and Governor: http://every.tw/postcard

Twitter: Post the photo on Twitter and use the hashtag #NotOneMore.

Sample text:

I stand with Richard Martinez and declare #NotOneMore [upload photo]

Let’s send these postcards to Washington. They can’t ignore us any longer: http://every.tw/NotOneMore #NotOneMore

Instagram: Post your photo on Instagram and include the hashtag #NotOneMore.