CNN’s Troubling Inconsistency on Reporting School Shootings

Everytown has been tracking school shootings since the Newtown, CT shooting in December 2012, but recently the list we maintain — and 60 of the 74 school shootings we’ve tracked — has come under question from CNN.

CNN has claimed that only 15 of those 74 shooting incidents were veritable school shootings, excluding 60 incidents* in which 25 people were killed and 40 people were injured because those incidents involved “personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals.”

The trouble is that CNN’s own prior reporting has classified at least eight of the incidents we’ve tracked as school shootings, but they failed to put them on their new list of 15. It’s almost as if CNN’s right hand isn’t talking to its left.

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Everytown uses very clear criteria for what constitutes a school shooting and we state exactly what we do and do not count.

Below are the eight stories that CNN previously classified as “school shootings” that it somehow failed to include on its latest list:

  1. Lone Star College – North Harris Campus (#6 on Everytown’s list) “3 wounded, 2 detained in Texas college shooting”
  2. North Carolina A&T State University (#32) “Shooting at North Carolina university leaves one injured”
  3. Delaware Valley Charter HS (#41) “Ex-student sold gun used in Philadelphia school shooting, police say”
  4. Widener University (#42) “Pennsylvania college student in critical after shooting”
  5. Tennessee State University (#45) “Suspect in Tennessee college shooting detained”
  6. Eastern Florida State College (#47)
    CNN Newsroom: CNN Newsroom Transcript
    “BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: More breaking news for you on this Thursday. Let me glance down at my e-mail. A reported school shooting in Florida here, this is what we have. The shooting has been reported in Palm Bay campus parking lot at Eastern Florida State College.”
  7. Paine College (#68) “Students told it’s safe to come to class after 2 shootings in 2 days on campus”
  8. Paine College (#69) “Students told it’s safe to come to class after 2 shootings in 2 days on campus”

So, CNN, the question remaining is: Do you even read your own reporting?

* Note: CNN’s list includes 15 school shootings, 14 of which we list. CNN added the May 23 shooting in Isla Vista, CA as a school shooting, but our list excludes it because the shooting did not occur on campus. Therefore, according to our analysis, CNN has ignored 60 school shootings.