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House vote proves gun lobby allies playing same old game

Why try to bring this zombie gun lobby “solution” back to life? It’s an election year. First after the San Bernardino attack and again after Orlando, senators got the chance to go on the record as voting to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. That’s good politics, of course. Over 80 percent of the public agrees that we should close the so-called “Terror Gap” and not allow terror suspects to buy guns. Not all Terror Gap proposals are created equal, though. Read the letter of the gun lobby’s, and you see it isn’t serious. It’s unworkable. Try to enforce it, and the FBI would find it easier to indict a suspected terrorist than it would be to block a gun purchase. Try to adhere to the legal standard it establishes, and law enforcement would have to show, in court and within 72 hours, that a suspect will actually commit an act of terrorism.

My Mom was the principal killed at Sandy Hook — But here's what I really want you to know

It's moments like that one that make my work really difficult sometimes. Not only am I grieving the murder of my mother, which happened in super public way — I now do this advocacy work for a living, working as the Senior Outreach Associate at Everytown for Gun Safety. Some states do have really good gun laws and require background checks on every gun sale. The problem is that guns don’t abide by state lines. It’s easy for someone to drive to Indiana and then bring a gun back to Illinois, which is a large part of the problem there.

For a gay dad and head of a gun safety group, Orlando was personal

The organization I lead, Everytown for Gun Safety, has 3.5 million supporters and volunteers in all 50 states. Gun violence survivors and our Moms Demand Action volunteers are our vanguard. They’re the everyday Americans who — by turning the personal into the political — have transformed into advocates. They’re our movement’s heart and soul. Together, we’re charting the same political course as marriage equality. Rack up wins in the states. Swell the chorus. And, eventually, D.C. will hear us loud and clear.

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