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Donald Trump just doesn't get it when it comes to gun violence

When Trump implies his opponent should be shot, or makes insensitive "jokes," or associates with people who cast doubt on mass murder, he belittles the experience of the hundreds of thousands of Americans whose loved ones have been killed by gun violence, and he incites and legitimizes the most extreme voices. Time and again, Trump has proven that his would be an administration completely devoid of empathy.

My son was murdered in a mass attack. Trump's talk of gun violence horrifies me

As the parent of a son who was shot and killed, the way Donald Trump talks so callously about gun violence horrifies me. Early in the campaign, he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters. And this week, he suggested that gun violence could be a way to deal with Hillary Clinton because she wants to “essentially abolish the second amendment”. It’s not as if he shouldn’t know his words incite violence. He recently pointed Katy Tur, who covers Trump for NBC, out to the crowd at a campaign event – and afterwards she had to be escorted out of the event by the secret service for her own safety.

NRA circles the wagons around Trump

This is yet another example of how the NRA is not the hunting and sporting organization of our grandfather's generation -- rather they are showing their true colors as the craven lobby of gun manufacturers,” said Erika Soto Lamb, communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety USA, a gun-control group backed by Michael Bloomberg. "The NRA does not represent the interests of the vast majority of responsible gun owners who know that the Second Amendment should never be used as a threat or to incite violence.

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