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Last week's historic House sit-in, along with the Senate filibuster, gave voice to the outrage millions of Americans feel -- when our leaders stand up for gun sense, we've got to let them know that the American people have their backs.

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After the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, lawmakers voted to block efforts to pass common-sense gun laws -- again. See how your senator voted, then call their offices to tell them how you feel about their decision.

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60 School Shootings

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At least 57% of mass shootings surveyed were related to domestic or family violence. How many more until Congress decides to act?

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Hate Crimes, Terrorism, and the Connection to Weak Gun Laws

The Orlando shooting was a hate crime and an act of terrorism, perpetrated by a dangerous person who had been under investigation by the FBI and never should have had access to a gun.

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Use our tool to call your United States senator and demand action on gun violence that will prohibit suspected terrorists from legally buying guns, and to require background checks for all gun sales.

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