There's been a lot of tough talk in Congress lately about keeping America safe. But here's one thing you won't hear discussed: America currently allows gun sales to suspected terrorists. Tell Congress it's time to close the terror gap.

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We're tired of waiting for Congress to act on gun violence -- and we bet you are too. Sign the petition to President Obama to tell him you support him in taking executive action to strengthen gun laws, close deadly loopholes, and save American lives.

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With your help, we can continue building a movement strong enough to pass life-saving, common sense legislation in every state in the country. Join us and help grow the movement today.

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Everytown's analysis of mass shootings between January 2009 and July 2015 found that there have been at least 134 mass shootings in the nearly seven-year period.

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Since his son was shot and killed last year in Isla Vista, Richard Martinez has become a tireless advocate for gun violence prevention. Watch the video about the inspiration behind the Not One More bracelet and join the movement.

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60 School Shootings

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At least 57% of mass shootings surveyed were related to domestic or family violence. How many more until Congress decides to act?

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How White House Action on Gun Violence Can Save Lives

Read Everytown's new report, "Beyond Gridlock," and learn about five life-saving measures that the Administration could advance to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.


Since 2013, there have been at least 149 school shootings in America

That's an average of nearly 1 a week. How many more before our leaders pass common-sense laws to prevent gun violence and save lives?

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